VisiofficeOur office is proud to offer patients the Essilor Visioffice System. Essilor is the world’s largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses as well as the leader in cutting edge lens research and development. For example, in 1959 Essilor developed Varilux, the first progressive eyeglass lens. Today, Essilor brand names include Varilux, Transitions, and Crizal.

From this tradition of R&D excellence the Visioffice digital lens measuring system was created; an all-encompassing system that provides every possible parameter required to measure and fit modern ophthalmic lenses – with extreme accuracy and consistency.

Visioffice includes a unique measurement called Eyecode that allows us to obtain a patient’s Eye Rotation Center (ERC). A patient’s ERC, combined with frame information and head/eye behavior data also obtained with the Visioffice system, allows truly personalized single vision and progressive lenses to be fabricated for every patient.

Visioffice’s three-dimensional technology measuring system provides the most accurate eye-lens positioning and visual-behavior calculations available. It’s the ultimate in lens personalization!