Eye Examinations

Eye exams vary from patient to patient depending on the age and health of the individual and their visual and lifestyle needs.

Typically, exams may include:

  • Medical and family health history review.
  • Examination of the internal and external structures of the eye.
  • Pupil dilation and/or digital retinal photography to see the inside of the eye.
  • Eye health testing for cataracts, glaucoma, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other systemic diseases.
  • Measurement of visual acuity to determine a corrective lens prescription.
  • Visual field, focusing, eye alignment, coordination testing, stereopsis, and color vision testing.
  • 3-Dimensional OCT screening and imaging.  An OCT provides a MRI-like 3D map of the interior of the eye.
  • Laser vision evaluation and consultation.

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